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Pain Relief
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Delivered right on time. Easy process. Product used to relief a really strong case of tendonitis.

Great fit and some good advice as well
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So before I even received the order for the tennis elbow brace, which can also be used for any forearm muscle issue or tendinitis like I have, I got an email from the company. It advised that the product was in its way and also gave me a booklet about tennis elbow and the other remedies to go along with the use of the product. I was quite impressed by that.

Great support and feels comfortable!
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I got her the Simien and she wears these all day because according to her, her forearms feel weightless with them on. The quality of this brand is great. The material is thick and the padding is comfortable while providing maximum support. She also loves the additional wrist sweatband she wears to yoga.

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Simien Tennis Elbow Brace + Sleeve Compression Combo (1-count each)

Simien Tennis Elbow Brace + Sleeve Compression Combo (1-count each)

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The Simien Tennis Elbow Compression Sleeve helps soothe tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow by administering targeted compression at the specific source of the pain. Our compression sleeve is versatile, light weight and offering a full range of motion, while providing muscle tissue and joint pain relief.

It has been designed to help relieve your tennis elbow and golfer elbow pain caused by hypertension and to get you back into the healthy and active lifestyle you deserve.

Elbow Brace:

  • All orders delivered within 5-7 business days.
  • Helps to reduce pain and elbow strain for associated elbow injuries caused by repetitive stress motion like lateral epicondylitis, elbow tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis
  • Compress gel pad provides comfortable support that permits continued activity One size fits most and can be worn on either arm
  • Can compliment or replace elbow compressions sleeves
  • Lifetime guarantee that our brace will not wear out or tear apart
  • One Size Fits All
  • Free With Purchase Guide "Addressing Tennis Elbow Pain" and Elbow Brace Instructional Manual included and will be emailed after purchase

Compress Sleeve:

  • Effective compression provides support to the elbow joint and muscles during activity.
  • Supports improved oxygenation and circulation of working muscles.
  • Quick drying, anti-odor fabric
  • Unisex & Sizes fit just right and can be used on both elbows.
  • Amazing forearm sleeve for Crossfit, weightlifters, basketball, badminton, squash and racquetball players
  • 1 Elbow Brace
  • 1 Compression Sleeve
  • Free With Purchase Guide "Addressing Tennis Elbow Pain" and Elbow Brace Instructional Manual included and will be emailed after purchase

Brace: 65% Neoprene, 35% Nylong (Logo is natural rubber or NOT LATEX FREE!)
Compression Sleeve: 175 GSM Fabric with Copper Nylon

Wash the both the Simien Sports Tennis Elbow Support Brace & Compression Sleeve using warm water and mild detergent or soap. Let air dry.

Measure the full circle or circumference at 5 inches above your elbow joint

-- Small size is 8-10 inches

-- Medium size is 10.5-12.0 inches

-- Large size is 12.5-14 inches

-- X-Large 14.5-16.0 inches.

If you have any issues, we will be happy to send you replacements for the size you need. SIMIEN is customer satisfaction obsessed!

Customer Reviews

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Great product...great company!

I had severe tennis elbow and got a Tommy Copper product and it did nothing! So I searched and found Simien Tennis Elbow Brace & Compression Sleeve combo. Great price and it is working! Plus u will not get better customer service! Would recommend highly!

This product is great. It is what I used when I was ...

This product is great. It is what I used when I was ...

... should be placed but got it figured out and love

... should be placed but got it figured out and love

Very helpful with pain management

Very helpful with pain management

Great brace for elbow pain

Great brace for elbow pain

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“Best Tennis Elbow” brace I’ve used!!


I love the Simien brace for my tennis elbow it is so comfortable to wear and doesn’t hurt. I just started the therapy (new patient) and was using a brace the Orthopedic suggested ( which I am sure is an excellent brace) but it wasn’t right for me. All I know is it wasn’t working and I needed to find a better brace. I came across the Simien and I purchased it 2 weeks ago and I use al ost everyday and yeah it’s working.
- Frank (Chicago)

Thanks for making life and training, a lot better.

I've had tennis, and golfers elbow for well over a year now. Had physio, acupuncture, used a strap etc. Tried stretches advised by the physio.

It was getting worse if anything. Along with a tight full elbow support, while doing anything strenuous, and doing the new stretches in your videos, both sides of my elbow are better than they've been for over a year.

Thanks for making life, and training, a lot better.

Elbow brace

This product has help me immensely and would recommend to anyone with tennis or golfers elbow

tennis elbow brace

Excellent product and able to fit well and relieve the pain. Twin pack makes wearing compliance and consistent use painless.

Simien Flexible Rubber Twist Bar

Excellent product and very versatile for grading resistance with patient progress. It is especially well suited for recommendation to patients for home exercise follow-through without the cost of purchasing multiple twist bars.